Bicycle Riders

Even if you choose to disagree with my bicycling concept and claim that you ride better stuff, it is understandable.But one thing that would arch my eyebrows is the fact that you’ve got nothing that keeps you moving.It doesn’t reflect reality.Your life comes with a ride whether you like it or not.

Ajayi Mary.A

Why Bicycle?

You are wondering too? I am not that dogmatic.I am just using a bicycle to drive home my point. I like bicycles. Even if i can’t ride one in practical, I can control the wheels with my words in theory. Of course,that isn’t the cogent reason why I feel bicycles wandering through my mind.Of course, it is just like a baked cake without icing though.Well,the icing on the cake is that a bicycle is a very sensitive stuff.It could be very slow and yet fast depending on your dexterity or its mechanical state.It can hurt you yet stimulate you.Cars e.t.c can do all this but you know,anyone can ride a bicycle except babies.It is a plane of comfort for almost all ages.So,it is little more than an enjoyable specimen in the laboratory of my thoughts. That says it all.

Will bicycles ride our lives?

uh.oh..It is not everyone’s life ride that is exactly molded like a bicycle.Some have got lorries,pickup lol, tricycle, Micra car,hummer Jeep,rocket and the likes.You wouldn’t argue the fact that on the face of it,we may have a twin purpose,something like oh,that guy is going to be a strong leader and that lady is going to be a strong leader too.But you know grammar is what makes the execution of our purpose the same, common sense and divinity draws the line. Yeah,they have the same purpose and can operate in the same plane but can they execute it the same way? That is to say,a car and a jet serves the same purpose but can they transport people to their various destinations in the same manner? So,Bicycle is just an illustrating image that paints the motion pictures of you on the move and vice versa.You have that unique ride in you that I may not know of.

Is there anything in one’s life that befriends a bicycle?

Of course,the very reason I deliberately immerse my veins in bicycling concept.Both the good and bad in your life befriends the motion of a bicycle.Sometimes, what seems good in your life can be a perfect sly,it might be slow in operation; it might be fast; sometimes, the wheels might rumble down and go beyond repair; sometimes,it might be repairable.So is a bicycle.It can be a cool partner all day and crush your leg in the next day.

Hey? Is that all the business I have got with a bicycle?

Mellow now,my mouth is paining me already.We are not into bicycle trade but keep this at the back of your mind,whatever state your bicycle might be,just keep moving. You have immeasurable miles to cover,you can’t afford to get yourself distracted.If your bicycle is beyond repair,use your leg.You are not in a Competition with anybody; the race does not belong to the swift anymore,the steady and smart ones are the kingpins now.If your bicycle crush your leg; Rest for a while,it is not a deadly wound,it might just be a sensitive signal for you to slow down a little so that you don’t get beyond yourself.You can’t be wiser than your Creator.Never.Every man to his season.

All in All…Keep moving no matter where you are, where you have been and where you are going.That’s the most effective way to make progress and success gel.


Is it Independence Essence Or Dependence Flavour?

Man shall not……

Man shall not live by theoretical Independence alone but by every pragmatism that flows from the riverbank of Independence_ Ajayi Mary.A

Get it right?

Getting it right is not usually the issue,the issue is doing it right.That’s exactly the kind of Independence syndrome that man has caused all by themselves.We only get Independence right,we do not drill it aright. Getting right – Doing it right= Dependence


Empty Wine bottles are constantly trashed and green clothes always embrace our body. Even the scent of icing sugar sings softly to us on this special day.This and that happens all in the name of Independence celebration.Of course,it is natural and sensational to relish what needs to be relished.Have you ever thought of this? Am I being fictional or realistic in the fictional sense?

Getting away with the scary questions…

Well…If there is a concept that should have been the brand ambassador of cliche company, it is independence. Ignore the fact that your country deserves to celebrate Independence or not,let’s start from you.Could you tell me about several decisions you made on your own or even things that took root out of the abundance of your ideas? I guess 50% maybe 40% will come out with a spicy ‘no’ and if I had to proceed with few other questions,it will be a resounding ‘no-no’.Here, we are not talking about the independence that stems from living outside your parents’ harem. It is not the one that happens when you get married.All these are cliches in the broad sense of the word. You can be a married man or woman and still be lacking in the realm of Independence.You can be earning a fat salary and living in a robust house while your sense of Independence is a dustbin package. Independence is not a general thing,it is a personal cliche that can only be converted to a fact by your psyche.

My Resolve….

The true concept of Independence should stem from your personal sense.When the concept passes the test of your mind,then it becomes general and liberal.It begins to be flavoured by whatever celebration that comes from the society.Then it stands the test of time.It refuses to dwell on the grandeur of the past but head towards the glory lying ahead.As far as societies are concerned, I don’t think that the essence that comes with Independence has in fact been achieved,we are only relishing the flavour that comes with dependence.Until we start to do it right,we would only remain fictional all through our lives.Remember that our purpose on earth is to be realistic.Not just realistic, to be realistic with whatever unique abilities that God has instilled in us.

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Book Review: To Kill A Raving Victim

Ajayi Mary’s To Kill a raving victim is a fictional novel that revolves around the failings and strengths of a half bred girl(Ghanaian father and Nigerian Mother),Valerie Atta. The time frame of each activity in the book enables the reader to keep up with the story.

The book depicts the struggles of the protagonist in earnest search for her former lively self and utilizes it as blueprints in achieving her true purpose in life. Valerie constantly reminisces of the key chapters in her past which portrays her cheerful spirit with other children and her blood relations in Nsutem,Ghana. She had to be faced with immeasurable victimization and violence which contributed to the transformation of her better self to a battered version of her but she found her purpose through the sufferings at the very end.

The book is a typical embodiment of the fact that neither violence nor victimization can be stronger than the fulfillment of one’s purpose in life. This position is illustrated by the title of the book since a raving victim is depicted as a mental crisis in human form that constantly challenges her to think only about her bad episodes and nothing close to moving on with life. Hence, the author in a bid to form a crystal ball of style and savoury makes the mental and raving victim that lives in the dark corners of Valerie’s heart, the antagonist of the novel that needs to be destroyed by her in order to thrive instead of real human beings that are used by other authors.

The author spices up her book with some light romantic fireworks that is readable by all manners of men since they are just mere mental words that do not evoke illicitness. The Romantic part walks us through the extent of Valerie’s desperation in finding herself over romantic life. Also, the protagonist is portrayed as a person who values relationships a lot as she would always picture herself amidst her long lost siblings and parents and even old friends that lingers in her heart. Mary unveils the true value of friendship in the book. Even though, her bulk of mayhem is from friends but she found light at the end of the tunnel through the actions and inactions of a good friend, Emeka. She becomes an all-time model in Miami with the help of Emeka. Her love for relationships can also be seen in the deep affection she has for her adopter, Mrs. Orji; even though they are always at cross purposes. The theme of relationships lubricates the plot of the story since it influences the decisions of the protagonist.
The language of the book is simple and easy to understand even though it is coated with few Ghanaian slangs and Nigerian pidgins. There is no such thing as getting lost as the plot of the story evolves since the chapters in the book is arranged and followed by motivational inscriptions that drives home its bone of contention. The book seems to be a perfect mix for people who like to be on the same perceptive level with the narrator as the descriptive power is quite captivating.

The book is embellished with just a smidgen of humour and the only evidence of humour is between Craig and Jack. The humorous part is really annoying since it depicts a bit of foolishness and insensitivity on Jack’s part. The author tries to show through Jack’s character that one who sees humour even in the most reasonable things would not find it hard to have a formless life. Obviously, Jack would fail his drama examinations from the conversation between him and Craig in the first chapter because he takes even his education with levity hands.

I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars because it is didactic and street wise. I recommend this book to readers who like books that embrace both African and British settings since the book is set mostly in Ghana and Nigeria and other settings are within Miami and Cambridgeshire.

TO KILL THE RAVING VICTIM📖👩‍💻👨🏻‍💻 is a raving juice you would relish for umpteen times.

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Time Waits For Everyone

Time is not a thoughtless Racer

It is just a fast Walker that waits for everyone that can read its pace.


If wishes were horses,beggars would ride. Like time capsules, I have always had time stocked up in my mind.Like a desperado, I wish time could be one of the most significant courses in the world.At least, I won’t have my body and mind crowded and suffocated with some scary dreams and realities anymore.

Of course,there are many things in this world that are in fact normal, I mean just normal in the realm of what your initiative tells you.The very thing that makes normalcy graduates to bizarre circumstances is time.Have you ever conducted a cursory survey through your mind? Why did Keeton got the right answer? Why did I get the wrong answer? What made their relationship worked out? What made our sweetened friendship turned sour? Curious? It is the notorious time.You are neither a dullard nor a relationship breaker.It is just the way you combine time and opportunity that sucks.You were just knocked down by an hit and run time and then you fell and could not get a perfect hold of yourself.

But strangely enough,time is in fact good at waiting.Just that, many people aren’t aware of that fact because they are usually faster than time.Imagine the tears and sweat that permeates around Peterson’s face because it is about five minutes to submit his half blank Answer sheet.He is already preparing for the funeral of his failure when the seconds hand of his wristwatch keep hammering away ‘hope’ to his ears.Hence, making the history of the swiftness of time repeats itself because of impatience and insensitivity.

Yesterday, I was with you

Just that, you didn’t notice me

And you fell and fell abruptly because of your ignorance

Tomorrow,i will stay by your side

Just be strong enough to do it again

That very thing you could not do yesterday

You can make it right today


Love from Marie sparkle™

The Chronicles Of A Legal Penguin

The car is slow anyway.It slows down some more because of the bumps in the road .The owner of the car is Pelumi; the steering wheel seems grouchy,grouchy like its owner.Then he stops at the antartic,the grouchy fellow is fortunate as his fellow Penguins is right there.Tossing their heads up and down as they run their black and white skin through the tip of his hands -seems like their emperor penguin is around,so no dull moment.Already he has taken out an apple pie from his pocket; he shares it among them to show that he admires their condescension and affability.

Even if Malia had not seen Pelumi and his fellow Penguins in her dreams, no one would have doubted the fact that she wet her ink and have her dreamy adventure posted on some American Billboard.Like the way those Penguins spend half of their lives both on land and in the sea,Victor has his hands on every Lawyering pie.Appears quiet but can sift through minds like some yam flour sieve.

He hops in his car; it seems the car is not going to go any slower as before.The Penguinic liquor has replaced the petrol in the car’s petrol tank, so what else? He stops at the Faculty of Law,University of Ibadan.The car is already out of sight, some Penguinic wind hide it under that refreshing tree at the back of the general office.As if he cares, the grouchy fellow dashes to the large classroom that everyone would kiss first before seeing the faculty of law in reality… Eyes down,glasses hanging on his eyes down too as he settles for the back seat in the classroom.Of course,it is time to feast on Law textbooks – Everybody! Stand back.His countenance tells that reddest tale.

Malia Williams; for fifteen hours a day, she would work like a countenance detector that navigates through the outward and inward actions of people.she gets paid well to cover all the basics; knowing the right persons that fits in with her values through navigation,that’s her precious pay.Unfortunately,that navigation fails her umpteen times because of deformation; she discerns the outward actions accurately but camouflage pours yam flour in her cassava flakes in uncountable times.That is what you get when you try to read everyone’s mind; such gross impossibility.

The Penguin dream flashes in her memory when a middle sized paper surfaces on her right hand; it has ‘TeamPenguin’ written boldly on it,some political fireworks.Who is TeamPenguin? So she thought.Her own thoughts fades into the background as Willy screams ‘Penguin’ from the back of the class. I heard Pelumi screams ‘ Donkey’ to Willy, some eatable catchphrase that Pelumi makes his naughty course mates chew when they misbehave. Is Pelumi actually TeamPenguin? Pelumi meets Malia’s gaze,he is not being patronising but it is her moment to shine.She mutters Penguin faintly and twists her index finger to some Penguin taste,like a thought-provoking caricature.I know it is a cliche to say he smiles with the hollow space in his teeth but he did smile with his teeth when he drowns himself in Malia’s mimics.

Law101 is not going to hold anymore; One hour and fifty minutes is far spent and the lecturer is no where to be found.Every road leads to Law Library.Pelumi clenches his teeth as he feels the class slide,he catches Law fever somehow.He takes a deep breath, relaxes his jaw and packs his Law textbooks cum jotter in his middle aged backpack. Actually,he packs the textbooks in his bag but in reality,it is nearly arranged in his brain.Malia’s jotter and Law textbooks is laid out along with fresh black and red pens, all ready for her in the library.The grouchy fellow heads for the upper library, the one that harbours those aged English Law reports.The air seems coolest at this time,you would think it promises tranquility but some bird – like people is already chattering away right beside her.The rustle of papers from behind grabs her attention.Hence the rustle comes from the masculine hands of Pelumi.Does someone inflicted with Law fever rebels that much ? Law fever rebels to the extent of dragging Pelumi from upstairs to litter Malia’s ears.Her intention: Clasp the Nigerian Law reports in Pelumi’s hands and question his cat-like actions; Logical meowing that disturbs her peace.The scenic structure of the Library reflects at her and he does not care.His ladened backpack hangs over his back,black ear piece blocks his ears on behalf of him and he walks out of the library; those accessories knows their position already,how funny.

Pelumi is in fact a Judge in the students’ world.The day he becomes a Judge or probably a great Lawyer in the outside world is really going to count.The day he takes an oath to value our legal system and believe it with the core of his being.The day he starts paying due regard to our legal system but in a different twist,a Penguinic twist.Independent, bright, unique and committed twist; attributes you would find in Penguins.

From The Depth Of Your Heart

Dear _

There are  circumstances in life that would make you sift through a number of emotions.Emotions that would tell one stories about moving on to  a faster pace of life.Emotions that would make your head deflate so that you can figure out the right persons.Emotions that would twist your hair around your index finger to tell you that the Sky is not as blue as you think.They are really a hard nut to crack.Maybe or Maybe not, you would have to face any of these emotions, all of them or probably you are not a good observer.The thing is,you need strategies so that your heart would not turn out to be a mere yam flour sifter but a solver.

Have you ever thought of it? Brushing Off your important emotions with Mechanical Analysers? You know, these circumstances really shimmers and dances in my heart. I know it is crazy but the more I try to retreat from it, the more it edges me closer and closer. Someone who could not even get his head straight , map out quality time and fix his emotions without any radiation, how do you think such person could get on with people with the whole of his/her heart? It is not possible to drag your feet to Puzzles and finds answers to it with an half heart;missing Puzzles/emotions that proves too hard to solve in your life. You need  to think straight,lie doggo in the realm of your thoughts and have your whole heart clenched together in order to fix your life. Do you think you are fortunate to Scream out your needs to God like a saint in a minute and the next minute, you are twerking and dancing to sin because the Lord has answered your prayers? Even though you were able to get it, you did not get it.Why? You didn’t request for it having the sender in your mind totally. If I have a time capsule, I would just bury these words in it  ‘Maybe you were just fortunate that time, you may be unlucky in future. Guide your heart.Love with your whole heart so that you can have it all’

Maybe or Maybe not,it is not a strategy to you but whatever it is, do things from your heart.Like and Love people from the depth of your heart(If you can’t love or like,don’t hate; It is really crazy to smile at your friend/family whenever you are with him/her and smirk after they leave) and Work from the depth of your heart.Only then can you find answers and pathways to that confused road/emotions.

Yours Sincerely,


The Hour Between Dog And Wolf

In life,everyone battles with dark hours.Of course,no one can tell me that their darkest hour has been sold off or they are too special to witness it.You wrestle with one and I pally with one,the only thing that edges me out from you is that our vision can not become unclear at once .Take it or leave it, no one would be there for you at that point. 

The  hour is going to hit your head very hard.Please do not run into the deep blue sea,you are not going to some crazy exile.I am very sure that there has been a time in your life when you had to challenge yourself to stupor,as though you were the main speaker in a public speaking event, ‘what is my purpose in life?’ ,’is she really my friend?, ‘am I really walking through the right path?’…..They say,Life is a crazy ride.Of course,you have to be really crazy at one time or even umpteen times in your life before you can ride the crest of life.

Trust me,you can only have two lifelines,that is your shadow and your creator.The best lifeline one can ever have is One’s Creator.Why? Shadows has no authority to change anything about one,it is just a powerless replica of one.You kill,it kills too.You bang your head repeatedly against the door,it does that too.It follows you around like a fool without any initiative to carve remedies.Your Creator is the only trusted ally that can be your searchlight in the darkest hour.

Trust you had the time of your life?

Marietta sparkles™

Forbidden Cravings 

Everyone always strive to be happy and of course, most of us often dab that cream of enthusiasm on our heartbeat especially when we hit the jackpot.Amalia did not stop at that, she wanted her boyfriend, Kyle  to smother that kind of smile that toothpaste advertisers like on billboards.

The undefiled bed became defiled because they wanted to embroider their twin smiles.The two incompatible souls had  etched  violently on the other even though the landscape of relationship between them burnt into ashes eventually.The breakup, hurts and pregnancy clutched a pink pillow against their chests because they missed something. A person who ditches the one who gave him/her an heart that beats for an heartbeat will slowly run out of an heart that practically beats.



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Dear Future H

Dear _

Do I need to garnish my words with any pleasantries? I guess No.I might not be straight with everything but my words is usually sandwiched with frankness.I meant you can never miss road clues while trying to the cross the bridge of figuring my words out.First, let’s not just bump into each other because it is compulsory but because divine intuition led us.

Headache? You cannot have one. I am not a boarding student vulnerable to dishing out list of convenience goodies and sweetened pecans .We are following God’s standard ‘The two shall become one’ that is, we would support each other …so I buy goodies,you buy pecans… anyone of us can buy the two preferably too. so….No one would break the spinal cord of the other.We cannot die before posterity start hailing our sweet sweats.

Let’s do something grand after the courtship stuff but do not run into debt. God’s constitution did not state that one should overstep one’s boundaries.Let’s not disrespect each other after everything.Respect is Reciprocal.It would intensify love and harmony.

I do not promise you that everything would always be beautiful and all neither do I assure you of 0% hurts .I am not that perfect but I hope we would be able to arrange our flaws in a waste bin and abandon it. My hands is itching me already…..I am not an ardent fan of long letters and talks……

Bye till we would have to meet.

 Just Me  

No one else.