The Hour Between Dog And Wolf

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The Hour Between Dog And Wolf

In life,everyone battles with dark hours.Of course,no one can tell me that their darkest hour has been sold off or they are too special to witness it.You wrestle with one and I pally with one,the only thing that edges me out from you is that our vision can not become unclear at once .Take it or leave it, no one would be there for you at that point. 

The  hour is going to hit your head very hard.Please do not run into the deep blue sea,you are not going to some crazy exile.I am very sure that there has been a time in your life when you had to challenge yourself to stupor,as though you were the main speaker in a public speaking event, ‘what is my purpose in life?’ ,’is she really my friend?, ‘am I really walking through the right path?’…..They say,Life is a crazy ride.Of course,you have to be really crazy at one time or even umpteen times in your life before you can ride the crest of life.

Trust me,you can only have two lifelines,that is your shadow and your creator.The best lifeline one can ever have is One’s Creator.Why? Shadows has no authority to change anything about one,it is just a powerless replica of one.You kill,it kills too.You bang your head repeatedly against the door,it does that too.It follows you around like a fool without any initiative to carve remedies.Your Creator is the only trusted ally that can be your searchlight in the darkest hour.

Trust you had the time of your life?

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Forbidden Cravings 

Everyone always strive to be happy and of course, most of us often dab that cream of enthusiasm on our heartbeat especially when we hit the jackpot.Amalia did not stop at that, she wanted her boyfriend, Kyle  to smother that kind of smile that toothpaste advertisers like on billboards.

The undefiled bed became defiled because they wanted to embroider their twin smiles.The two incompatible souls had  etched  violently on the other even though the landscape of relationship between them burnt into ashes eventually.The breakup, hurts and pregnancy clutched a pink pillow against their chests because they missed something. A person who ditches the one who gave him/her an heart that beats for an heartbeat will slowly run out of an heart that practically beats.



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Dear Future H

Dear _

Do I need to garnish my words with any pleasantries? I guess No.I might not be straight with everything but my words is usually sandwiched with frankness.I meant you can never miss road clues while trying to the cross the bridge of figuring my words out.First, let’s not just bump into each other because it is compulsory but because divine intuition led us.

Headache? You cannot have one. I am not a boarding student vulnerable to dishing out list of convenience goodies and sweetened pecans .We are following God’s standard ‘The two shall become one’ that is, we would support each other …so I buy goodies,you buy pecans… anyone of us can buy the two preferably too. so….No one would break the spinal cord of the other.We cannot die before posterity start hailing our sweet sweats.

Let’s do something grand after the courtship stuff but do not run into debt. God’s constitution did not state that one should overstep one’s boundaries.Let’s not disrespect each other after everything.Respect is Reciprocal.It would intensify love and harmony.

I do not promise you that everything would always be beautiful and all neither do I assure you of 0% hurts .I am not that perfect but I hope we would be able to arrange our flaws in a waste bin and abandon it. My hands is itching me already…..I am not an ardent fan of long letters and talks……

Bye till we would have to meet.

 Just Me  

No one else.          

Brighter Days Ahead

Hello 2018,

It is not that I have applied a blusher or something but right now, I can’t just believe you are right by my side..My hands seems like hugging my face evenly.Today is  31st December, my intuitive watch tells me that you would land in my heart and our very presence in a moment. Hey guys,we were able to survive up till this moment not because we possess the best disposition in the world or we are too important to the world, it is because the ladder of God’s grace in our lives is limitless.

2017 was really an adventurous Journey yet formidable.It was garnished with beautiful minds who would even smile and correct my excesses beautifully, I was a good student anyway.It is not a new stuff but you know golden people should be appreciated with words dripping with gold.Hurdles were the order of the day and it packed in my head as though I was a packing horse.It seems like a die-hard affair…I told it loud and clear that it is not beautiful enough to compete with God’s purpose for my life and others.I am not a Jester,that’s actually what it is like when you are practically tired of something and all of a sudden, you regained strength again.

I didn’t realise I was being dramatic all along until I discovered something.Like to ask me what it was? That every hurdles grand finale or semi final is like a secret whisper telling you that ‘Come can do better than this ‘.It tells you that the race on earth and heaven that you are taking like a baby’s pap is becoming more competitive…You need to gain more skills since there are still brighter Days ahead of you. Hey 2018? Welcome to our world … We need to know each other more.I hope we can get along.

Yours Sincerely 

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Happy new year in advance 

Ounce Of Faith


The Waters roll in waves

with strength and passion 

Even the wind blows in an

Unimaginable way

Fighting off the air with the

Pounds of its strength 

When the light never ceases

to build its nest 

On people’s hearts 

The dark waxes stronger and

Stronger like Goliath

 never ceases to take a step

never hesitates to take a stroll

Even its footsteps presses a

no-way button

Good things strikes a step 

Bad things take a step

Even when there is in fact

no staircase to tread

Because they cling onto their 

hearts and heads

They were able to close their eyes

and rub on their steps

Your heart is your staircase 

Your heart is an elevator 

where you can infact

Lay your feet

Just an ounce of faith

Just an Ounce of faith

An Oceans of faith

Will drive you 

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Goodbye Mr Black 

Mr Black is that clingy thing around the neck of us . It is the pieces of Almighty Formula that one had to Christen ‘mighty’ because it cracks one up.When I was still a little child,I had no slightest idea of what curiosity meant.My thoughts was always angled towards the fact that since curiosity kills the monkey,it kills everyone.It has always been like that from the word go! It is kind of scary….It can’t change!…It was the idea of someone that has gone through the forests of life way ahead of me…. What an inexperienced person I was?

As days waved as they passed by me,I had to scrub that faulty idea.The air of optimism,confidence and creativity fanned my cheeks out of the blue.It whispered to me that Curiosity is a two-way Street: Make Street, Mind Nigeria and Mar Street,Heart Nigeria.Make or Mar street? It all depends on you.Instincts came from on high and exclaimed ‘Keep your knees bent and lean forward slightly.That’s the idea’.

I am neither the darling of curiosity nor the master of Creativity hub yet this phenomena held onto me like a star-crossed lover.For the first time,I was able to embrace the idea of Socrates ‘Man,know thyself’ ….I was dug up to the extent that self discovery and self assessment began to rustle and creak like papers and seats in my mind.All of a sudden,I found myself in an imaginary hot seat heating up like a boiling ring ….I had started gulping feast of parboiled questions before I could even get over that heat.Do you know what you are? What mirror are you? Do you know where the universe resides?

Unfortunately,I could not answer those questions. What is all this? uh? How come I don’t know what I was?.It was then I remembered a mind therapy that one of my intellectual friends would always hammer away each time we chitchat every now and then.If you should ever look up and find yourself lost,simply take a breath and start over.Retrace your steps and go back to the purest place in your heart,where your hope lives.You will find your way again.Ta-da! That’s the spirit! It really worked.T hanks to Moving me quotes. I discovered that I was kidnapped by Mr Black,he was the reason I could not even picture an ounce of myself.Here,Mr Black literally signifies Darkness,lack of will….. Believe me,you can’t achieve anything worthwhile in this world without the sheer strength of will.If you can’t find who you are now,Spin wildly~~“`~“ Search for it `|||you need it to survive.

Since then,I did not bulge no matter how hard Mr Black tried.I teed the crap out of him.He had no option other than to clear out from me in quick fashion.I was just getting started,I never hesitated to bid him farewell:

‘I was really close to tears when you hugged me tightly on that very first time we met.The moon seems accommodating that even the sun envied it.I really thought I would have this happen forever.But then,I have promised my dear self not to be pathetic any more.I have laid it to my heart that I would only focus on permanent and positive things.I won’t just cling onto anything that spreads its hands towards me reaching out for me.I would be more careful.You never taught me that…Did you? Let’s not meet again.Goodbye Mr Black…Adieu undetermined and disorganized mind.Come back,Fortified Africa

Oeuvre of Marie sparkle™

It was the tale of me and you who wants to make everything around us beautiful.Minds that does not act like butterflies that flutter for a day and think it is forever.

Bye for now.

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Dark Shades(Chapter 2)

I was completely swept away by the complaisant smiles of the crowd at the young man.Sadly, the best way I can smile widely at people is by locking chest,shoulders and hands with them.It wasn’t my fault,I really could not get over the cool wind of America that fanned my cheeks . I drew myself closely to the dude and gave him a brief hug without any sense of direction.I felt happiness flood over me since I was able to express my big smile.I had no idea that my biggest smile would file a document of faeces .I could not fathom the reason behind the silence that descended on the souls of the crowd in pitiable layers.Bit by bit,they withdrew themselves from the frontage of our house.
Oniranu osi..Olosho..American prostitute…’. A middle-aged banged looking pointedly at me and hissed.

The man whom I had expected would throw in a good word for me had no compassion for my poor nerves.It was then my brain went on an hunt for fresh vegetables.Was my brain poisoned with goat weed that I was unable to  atleast know what I had done wrong? I folded my hands tightly  as though I was about to be set ablaze with fire and brimstone .It was the first time I had thrive on the negativity of annoying circumstances.A peachy figure on a “Shuku” Coiffure embellished with traditional beads strode towards my direction dressed in a blue traditional blouse and wrappers sagging above her legs.The figure was dark-complected with a complete figure ‘8’ frame,tall and of average height,dark-fringed eyes and hair so deep and lustrous.She was surrounded by pretty maidens with two of them at each side.Her comportment blew an air of decided fashion and authority.

Rinsola or whatsoever you call yourself,o ma baje o! How would a filthy pig of your kind hug my husband?… I am Adesewa,Omo Oba Adegoroye, trust me… I won’t let your promiscuous action slide‘.The peachy figure said acidly.

‘I am really sorry,Sewa.I don’t know he was the prince.I thought it was Charles.I had no opportunity to see him on one on one basis when he saw me at the village square ‘.I said pleadingly.

I felt a shudder of revulsion as she gripped me by the throat.

Kini n so ti o ta! You could have done more if he weren’t the prince…then  I would have slaughtered you like a ram if you hadn’t realised that…Who made you the youth leader of this community? Do you think you can govern the youths this way? You don’t know your place,Kogbede!”. She bleated,her pussy-like eyeballs haunted me really hard as if she was going to swallow me at once.

Woman!It’s ok“.He snapped looking at the angry princess and dragged her away from my sight.

Charles! Charles!! Charles!!!”.I exclaimed.I never believed that I could ever be in the category of people which Douglas Everelt portrayed as people that live in the dream world . What of the man in the picture? Could he have dwelt in the dream world earlier than me? 

Luckily,Charles seems like a person that faces reality.I knew it.We were from a different world from the word go.

Rinsola,are you out of your mind? You have been lying on this bed for the past 5 hours,i thought you were dead after wasting a bowl of water on you…Tell me,who is Charles? He is waiting for you over there“.Granny said pointing at the Verandah.

Stars in My Eyes

January and February went their ways like a passing breeze.Stubborn March seems not to have any conversation,style and beauty..the whole story is February,you are so grounded…no show.It is just a peeping month that had no compassion on my poor nerves.In the earliest part of this month,i was really wired up to know why I had to be apprehended by mixed feelings.Struck by a stranger’s air in the social media where I had posted an open address to  March “March,Let’s know what we are doing…You can’t be marching on my feelings anyhow..The Febrile February didn’t dare me so you had better swerve”. The poor Stranger merely advised me in her usual civil approach to blame time instead.I was very much confused.How would I blame time?The time was exactly 9:15pm.What the heck?I can’t control time.Her answer seems like a drop in an ocean to my emotions,i wasn’t even sure if it that has to be called an answer or an item delivery ….It was not what i had hoped for anyway but it roused a beautiful fire in me,that fire gingered me to ponder on why time has to be the culprit in a mind blowing affairs….Shushhhh…

I was of the mind that every impulse of feeling should be guided by reason,a mint that I perceived in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. As days dragged lazily on a haze of solititude,i began to drag like days with adjusted ideas.It was then I realised that I had been caught in between the battles of passion and vision,the kind that entered my lower spine and races me up and down to the point of no return.I remembered vividly that the arrows of feasting on Law textbooks and PDFs struck me from behind in the previous night..Was it the one that made the discrepancy between passion and vision disappeared from my memory out of the blue?So pathetic….I have never seen any individual countered her mind as much as i did.I began to weave in those Average Nigerian thoughts in my heart of hearts like crazy…Such awkward thoughts like I am studying Law built on the mentality that I would become  Femi Falana,M ary gates,sparkle bill of tomorrow and earn fat amount of money…I don’t care if it is my passion…man must survive…don’t you think? Vision would find its way in good time…Wait o,I have to be interested in this heck of Law books if I must make a headway in life…No No,i don’t have to be interested now since it is a necessity…I am sure i would cope since it is something that would earn me a cool cash in the long run…..Bad thoughts…

The early twenties of March seems like a bag full of hope coupled with complaisant smiles that nearly exploded my heart…..It was that moment when you felt like you were sent on a self-exile by your fervour to the vascular community of sensuous conquest and a coincidental tap on your hands brought that realism out of you.The Ultimate accolade is so well fixed for the soul of a golden person,intellectual friend actually who had to open my eyes to that thin lacuna between passion and vision.I didn’t expect it anyway but It just came that way.Passion is that driving and enduring force that would lead one to the rich road of vision.Seriously that social media person that I have never even met in my life really did something spectacular,i was able to come to the realisation that I never had abnormal feelings,it was just time I had to know some things i believed I had known but wasn’t enough…Guess what?That awful period that i felt was a day dream actually made me into a mixture of self-awareness and self-assessment.Mehn…Seeing the stars in my eyes and your forehead,I had to doff my hat for the truth…Sometimes,some unpleasant feelings move men beyond themselves,beyond their shortcomings and all….You don’t have to let your passion withered out of necessity with your vision being broken into pieces…Necessity fades away because it has to…. Remember? 

If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you and BECAUSE of you.”

— T. Alan Armstrong


Au revoir