Why I Debate- Akinrinola Barnabas

My name is Barnabas Akinrinola. I am a public speaker, a compere, a writer and a blogger.

Well, I started public speaking in my secondary school (Gomal Baptist College, Ogbomoso). Apart from writing, one thing that I fancied was public speaking. I was a prefect and a class captain in secondary school and there were occasions when I needed to address students.

Let’s dig a little deeper

Public speaking in the University of Ibadan was wholly on another level. It was totally different from what I had learned in secondary school. So, I had to unlearn a lot of the things that I had learned about the practice of public speaking in secondary school and allow new things to take root in me. In my second year in the University of Ibadan, I  joined the Faculty of Law Literary and Debating Society. It was quite difficult for me to adapt to the public speaking style I met on ground. I was better in oratory with my excellent use of flowery or witty statements. Debating, as I came to learn, was more straight-to-the-point with more logic and less ‘rhymes’. Even though I found it pretty difficult, I kept at it. I wrote speeches– shitty and hilarious as they were– when we were asked to and participated in the debate tournament organized for rookies in my Faculty LnD until I crashed out.

At a very young age, I was exposed to the magic of written and spoken words. You can change the world through public speaking. I learnt that very early. So, when it comes to public speaking, secondary school was a training ground for me.

One thing that helped me a great deal was my unashamed drive to be better. This pushed me to seek help even from my own classmates who I knew were better than me. I was not discouraged when my speeches only made people laugh and laugh without much content. I kept writing speeches and kept reading aloud the things that I had written. I could also be walking on the road and stop to read out the words I saw on a signpost, applying the correct intonations and voice modulations. I saw YouTube videos too, and movies, taking note of how characters spoke when they spoke to a large audience.

Slowly, I got better. I am still getting better. Today, I am a blogger and an events compere and I am great at both because of the things I learned and continue to learn through public speaking.

Think about this for a moment
Life has never been one-sided. I debate because debating opens my eyes to the many sides of life and helps in communicating these different sides to people. Public speaking generally has taught and shown me the power of words, the wonders of delivery, the strength in confidence and the importance of preparation for anything.

Winner, BSFUI Witty & Skilful Oratory Competition (2016).
First Runner-Up BSF National Witty & Skilful Oratory Competition (2016).
Winner, Sigma Tertiary Essay Competition (2018).

Official Positions
General Secretary, Lord Tedder Hall Literary and Debating Society (2017/2018).
Vice President, Lord Tedder Hall Literary and Debating Society (2018/2019).

You can connect with me on
Instagram: @akinrinolabarnabas
Twitter: @akinrinolabarn1
Whatsapp: 08108751362

I would love to know your thoughts. Why do you debate?


It is possible you are your own problem

Tell people the home truth and people quit listening. Will you quit if I tell you mine? I am Ella Dent. Call me Elden. I know what I look like in the inside. A soft babe, clean and fresh. But I want to tell you something that I will never tell anyone. Even if you squeeze my throat and extract the words you want, you won’t be able to explain this thing to others as much I would. I am directing this to you. You know yourself. Just the millions in you. I am a double-minded person, unstable in all I do.

I like singing a lot. To me, my singing ability is a match made from heaven. I am not the only one that recognises this fact. Everyone around me does. So,I started wallowing in that recognition. I would sing and sing and sing as much as it pleases the world. But you know how a man’s story can change within a twinkle of an eye. My story changed like that. Soon enough, some bitter tales started to buy and sell in my ears. Lady, your songs do not fit in with the jargons of the modern world. Elden, your songs are too slow. I can’t seem to dance to it. A few moments ago, these same set of human beings told me that they loved the slow rhythm of my songs because it calms their nerves.

As the world pleases again, I quitted singing for a while and joined a 30- day program. I joined that program to learn that modern jargons that the world desires from me. We are supposed to read books about like-minded people who have done great things in the music world and as a result, we felt less boring throughout the course of the program. At that moment, It was a perfect therapy. Wasn’t it? Do all the world wants and be popular. I still stick around that kind of philosophy even after the program finished.

Yass! I started releasing music albums again. That time, you would almost mistake me for a feminine Michael Jackson. I danced to the point that music lyrics slowly cease from my memory. So I tell you, whenever I dance too much…I don’t get to reconcile it with my songs at a go. Gosh! It grew worse. Just when I thought that the world will appreciate my acquired dancing skills and ignore my music loopholes, they didn’t. Instead, they came at me with a huge blow. Lady, let me tell you the truth. I understand the fact that your songs have been really stale for a while but now that its rhythm are almost like a fox speed, it is not even palatable anymore. Aunty, if I am to rate your songs now with a meal, I would call it a stale chicken soup assaulted by tapeworms.

I cried like crazy but I don’t think I learned my lessons at that point. I think I had made such progress when I don’t even know when to stop pleasing everyone. Maybe it is a temporary thing . As time goes on, they will like my new style. So, I started to lead myself on into something that the world never feels again.Every day and every moment, I keep changing every part of me because I needed their approval.

Reality is that I made a fool of myself. I discarded what I can really do and leaned into the world. The world took me by the shoulders and pushed me away. But the more I keep satisfying people to the core, the more I realised that I was the one that gave up on myself. No one really gave up on me. I gave up on myself the first time I started to lose myself in what others will have to say and when I started to act upon that. I realised that I was actually my own biggest problem. No one tormented me. I was the one that tormented myself.

You see..people need to see that you are not giving up on the real you more than they need to see that they are not giving up on you. Have you ever sit back and consider that?

Ella Dent is a fictional character that is only used to portray real life situations. It is not attached to anyone you might know.

Why I Write- Fakiya Victoria

A walk through…

I wrote a book when I was in Class 8. The inspiration  was from one of the Lantern books I read, Whiskers, the Brave Cat. It was a great read but my parents were disappointed and discouraged me from writing.You might have faced a lot of discouragements as a writer, however, that shouldn’t stop you. People are mostly driven by results– what they see. Only few believe in you, your abilities and dreams, hence, don’t be discouraged when people talk ill of your writings.

I stopped writing in class 8. I faced my books and read a lot of Lantern and Bedtime stories until I was in Class 10. Then, I knew there was more to reading. I got tired of consuming without spilling. It was evident in my essays and stories. I mean I could express myself expressively in writing. I didn’t struggle for free flow of words. I didn’t know why. In fact, I didn’t know writing was a gift, talent or skill.

You might not know why you write but if you write and find it as a tool to express yourself or empty a burden within you, please, don’t quit. It might not be all rosy now. Your friends might laugh at you or your writings. However, that is not enough reason to quit.

When I got to the university, writing consumed me! It was the best way I could express myself loudly, clearly and freely. The point is, before you can be heard, you have to own your voice! That is, you have to be consistent in writing. It’s fine if you write everything and don’t have a niche now. However, it’s not okay if you are not consistent because consistency sharpens your skill and gives you a direction.

Why I write

Consistency is a key which opens the door of clarity. I believe that writing is a means to an end. Therefore, I write because I know whoever reads my post would be enlightened and impacted as well. Knowing why you write would help you push through even if you are being criticised for it.

I am not moved by what I see because if I am, I would have stopped writing a long time ago. I am goal-driven and believe that writing is a means to reaching lives, hence, I can’t stop. Why do you write?

Editor-in-chief, Foursquare Student Fellowship,  UI — 2017
Editor-in-chief, ASSAN Press,  UI — 2018
Content Curator,  Leadership Clinic — 2019

Blogger at latoriaa.wordpress.com
Instagram @lato.ria
Twitter @latoria_ria

Why I am a dope Model and Volunteer- Queen Nwodo Precious

A walk through…
By way of introduction, my name is Queen Precious Nwodo. I  am a Final year Medical Student at the University of Nigeria(UNN).  Of course I am an Ex-Beauty Queen who tries to venture into wide variety of places to be the diamond lady I want  to be and that’s why I want to share my little experience with you.

I am the founder of QPN Foundation, a model, a Pageant coach, humanitarian, mentor and brand ambassador.

Let’s flash back a little, I was the Miss Charming Nigeria 2017, Face of diagnozit 2016, Unec Finest 2015, Miss Humble 2014 and the list   goes on and on like that. Hmmm…Like I said earlier , that is not even all, I have so many titles in this life but all these titles  doesn’t matter, what matters is what do you create with your crown or sash? What’s the next thing after all the glamour, the fame, being the judge at pageantry competition,  going for events as special guest or special appearance and so on. What happens???

Drive…Basically, why I am a dope model and volunteer

I haven’t reach the zenith of my life, I’m yet to experience some certain things to pad me up, nobody is perfect but once in a while we need eye openers and factors to challenge us and push us out of the cubicles we are hiding in. I have always wanted to impact positively to the society from a very tender age through different platforms and that’s why I am who I am today, in addition, some of these qualities of a true beauty queen or model like Confidence, Self-love, humility, intelligence, positive -mindedness, patience and the likes has helped in
building me up because I have understood that one’s personality speaks louder.

My motivating factor has been my set goals.After being announced as the new beauty queen in a beauty contest,  you can’t just seat down and watch things unfold at the same spot or you keep snapping and posting pictures all around the world so that people can see the tales of your glamour clearly. The truth is that  it doesn’t end there.  Don’t quote me wrong, taking picture are not bad at all. I take lots of pictures too but when necessary for instance, when my portfolio needs update not just for posting on IG, Snapchat and so on.  But do you even engage yourself in any major projects that goes beyond the whole glamour thing? That’s me, that’s what I do. I always have all this planned out. So, those set goals drive me to do what I do. We have to start helping ourselves because self discovery is very important. Once you start doing all this,  Your reign as a queen wouldn’t be a one-time thing, it  remains forever.

You need to hear about this…

Fortunately, I broke a record of appearing on the Daily Trust newspaper as the Youth Ville of the newspaper where I  shared my thoughts about Nigeria youths and Nation building same as The Sun Newspaper. I also have embarked on so many projects in the past involving different eminent speakers in the society who spoke and inspired youths around Nigeria. Other achievements include some newspaper presentation, lots of recognition awards from different organizations and companies, the pioneer president of the EFCC club back then in my alma mater to mention but a few….

Furthermore, If you have the zeal for a volunteer foundation like myself, think of your goals and objectives and establish one but remember if you plan all these without the G factor which is God it’s not gonna go well o. God is the only way I must always say to my fellows. Sometimes, I don’t  blame those people that always look at models or queens as prostitute, it is  the way the models present themselves. It is only natural that your name or your personality will speak for you.

Dear budding beauty queens and volunteers,  determination and hard work really pays, try as much as possible to connect with friends, improve on your communication skills  but know that this will only be complete with a good prayer life.

Thank you.

Social media handle
Instagram- nwodo.precious

Facebook- Precious Nwodo

Miss. Nwodo Precious has walked you through her beautiful journey. I am sure it is already hitting the right spot in your heart right now. On your mark.. Set! Go! start hitting your modelling and volunteering spot right now. The drive is badass!

Why I am a Poet- Moses Sibanda

My name is Moses Sibanda aka Mc’Jones.  I am 22. I am a South African.In my wildest dreams, I had never thought that I would become a poet. My neighbour opened my eyes to the poetic thing. The Grandpa writes the poem for me, I cram it and know it by heart. While I was at it, one thing leads to the other. I was exposed to lot of anthologies and books. Somehow, the Grandpa kicked the bucket.

Every moment I grab a pen to shred a page, the thoughts of that  Grandpa licks my mind. This is what I wanted but without intensifying that burning desire and changing myself to what I’m now, I couldn’t have done it this far.

So to all the writers and wannabes, I urge you to apply that burning desire. Everybody has something to say, we all have our different ways to do it but the world is impatiently waiting for your “exquisite, quizzical and quixotic” words. Trust me they want them, to learn, healed, touched and uplifted by them. Let’s grow the Poetry Uni-verse together.

Poem title: Don’t

Don’t let go!
For you’re not a loser,
Don’t lose it!
For you were born to win it all,
Don’t quit!
For you were born to conquer,
For you were designed to create as a creater
Don’t cry!
For you were born for a reason,
Let rain soften the grains of the earth,
This world can change for the sake of your presence,
This world can learn something from you
Don’t retreat!
Cause you were born to fight,
These hands of yours can shield defeat to retreat,
These hands can shape the world to a better place,
Cause they were made for a reason,
To make a living,
Let these words sink within you,
Till you find rejoice,
Cause you deserve glory.

© Mc’Jones

Brand Ambassador of Asara Wines
Moses Sibanda a.k.a Mc’Jones

Why I write

Growing up wasn’t fun. Ain’t much fun yet
Took a cold bite of mental politics. Crawled.
Ran. Slipped.Wept. danced in the rain. sang
in the hot sun. Couldn’t stalk dreams. Couldn’t stalk realities. Survived it. Surviving it. Progressed. Progressing. Smiled. Smiling. Could enforce dreams. Could enforce realities
Each time we tried to replay those moments
Each time we didn’t have to replay cos we needed to
Look behind
Each time, each day, every moment,every second,
Every minute
God always gift us with just one thing
It is grace!
When we understand this language, we would be happier.

I write because I felt it is better to be drunk in the Grace of God than the difficulties that your little world may bring. You are going to trample upon this bad energy someday. So you need the strength to assassinate these difficulties. And that strength only comes from inner peace. And that inner peace can penetrate into the hearts of people through written words.
I write not only because I feel like writing , I write because I needed to.
I write because there is a great burden resting on my shoulders.

Sure, everyone has that a kind of burden that they need to bear. Have you discovered your own burden ? Writing opened my eyes to it and that’s why it is my lifestyle.

Why do you write?

Ajayi Mary

March has Marched

It is a beautiful thing that March has gone. It created beautiful memories. It created events that may linger forever. It created strength. It taught you how to bask in your strength too. Whether March was the best month for you or not, it has passed. April is now here. This means that even if you choose not to move on, time is moving you on as you journey through each chapter of your life. It is awakening you to new grounds and probably new memories .

It is telling you that you don’t have to wallow only in your past, you have a lot of keys in your hands. Only you, a key to the present and the future. Lucky you, you have extra keys to reopen your past and mend the doors while you deal with your present. Sometimes, it is really easier to break a stone with your own hands than getting rid of some stuff in the past. Just in case you want to look up to the future alone. Thankfully, you still have the keys to lock the painful past and present chapter of your life.

This is how much of the opportunity you have to change one or more thing about you or the world as every clock of your life ticks. Use this opportunity well. This is April with the sparks. Go out and change your world in whatever way you can.

Ajayi Mary.

Expectation vs Reality

You’re doing everything really right..you couldn’t have been any successful. You now see yourself as icing on top of an expensive cake. It is your work that is speaking for you. It doesn’t surprise you anyway. You only hunger for more. It is ideal to crave for more. So it is time to start to step out in your icing shoes and wow the whole world, your cake begins to disappoint you. Gradually, it starts to breed ants and the icing seems to feel like its rent is due too. So, what’s gone wrong? You don’t know. You really do not know. You start to search google for answers to your missing puzzles. Google alleges you of the wrong question. No answer. Possible online jail. You start to feel like a criminal already. You ask human googles too. They have no idea. Someone tells you that Wikipedia can do better. You carry your hand and enter your problem in there. Your phone starts to act anyhow. So, you finally lose your head.


When you feel that you’ve put in everything maybe give up many things over something and your everything is just halfway, not halfway or even to no avail. It is no wonder you’re left feeling frustrated and searching for clues from anywhere or anyone. And then, it follows that your determination becomes emptiness. You have the answer right in your hand. So, why the worry?

Suck this like apple

Nobody wants to be a wheelbarrow when there is a car. Nobody wants to take a single step back to where they already left so that they do not feel progressively awkward. But sometimes, you need to feast on these realities. Life isn’t a fixed staircase. Most times, you need ugly tar to become a star. Other times, you need a mess to mend your relationship with people. If you can’t admit it to yourself now, there are possibilities that it is going to drag you down from heights unimaginable in the long run. This is expectation vs reality. Learn to understand that when expectations and realities are at close quarters, expectations will always be defeated by realities. This is your answer.Are you thinking what I am thinking?

Ajayi Mary

Bicycle Riders

Even if you choose to disagree with my bicycling concept and claim that you ride better stuff, it is understandable.But one thing that would arch my eyebrows is the fact that you’ve got nothing that keeps you moving.It doesn’t reflect reality.Your life comes with a ride whether you like it or not.

Ajayi Mary.A

Why Bicycle?

You are wondering too? I am not that dogmatic.I am just using a bicycle to drive home my point. I like bicycles. Even if i can’t ride one in practical, I can control the wheels with my words in theory. Of course,that isn’t the cogent reason why I feel bicycles wandering through my mind.Of course, it is just like a baked cake without icing though.Well,the icing on the cake is that a bicycle is a very sensitive stuff.It could be very slow and yet fast depending on your dexterity or its mechanical state.It can hurt you yet stimulate you.Cars e.t.c can do all this but you know,anyone can ride a bicycle except babies.It is a plane of comfort for almost all ages.So,it is little more than an enjoyable specimen in the laboratory of my thoughts. That says it all.

Will bicycles ride our lives?

uh.oh..It is not everyone’s life ride that is exactly molded like a bicycle.Some have got lorries,pickup lol, tricycle, Micra car,hummer Jeep,rocket and the likes.You wouldn’t argue the fact that on the face of it,we may have a twin purpose,something like oh,that guy is going to be a strong leader and that lady is going to be a strong leader too.But you know grammar is what makes the execution of our purpose the same, common sense and divinity draws the line. Yeah,they have the same purpose and can operate in the same plane but can they execute it the same way? That is to say,a car and a jet serves the same purpose but can they transport people to their various destinations in the same manner? So,Bicycle is just an illustrating image that paints the motion pictures of you on the move and vice versa.You have that unique ride in you that I may not know of.

Is there anything in one’s life that befriends a bicycle?

Of course,the very reason I deliberately immerse my veins in bicycling concept.Both the good and bad in your life befriends the motion of a bicycle.Sometimes, what seems good in your life can be a perfect sly,it might be slow in operation; it might be fast; sometimes, the wheels might rumble down and go beyond repair; sometimes,it might be repairable.So is a bicycle.It can be a cool partner all day and crush your leg in the next day.

Hey? Is that all the business I have got with a bicycle?

Mellow now,my mouth is paining me already.We are not into bicycle trade but keep this at the back of your mind,whatever state your bicycle might be,just keep moving. You have immeasurable miles to cover,you can’t afford to get yourself distracted.If your bicycle is beyond repair,use your leg.You are not in a Competition with anybody; the race does not belong to the swift anymore,the steady and smart ones are the kingpins now.If your bicycle crush your leg; Rest for a while,it is not a deadly wound,it might just be a sensitive signal for you to slow down a little so that you don’t get beyond yourself.You can’t be wiser than your Creator.Never.Every man to his season.

All in All…Keep moving no matter where you are, where you have been and where you are going.That’s the most effective way to make progress and success gel.

Is it Independence Essence Or Dependence Flavour?

Man shall not……

Man shall not live by theoretical Independence alone but by every pragmatism that flows from the riverbank of Independence_ Ajayi Mary.A

Get it right?

Getting it right is not usually the issue,the issue is doing it right.That’s exactly the kind of Independence syndrome that man has caused all by themselves.We only get Independence right,we do not drill it aright. Getting right – Doing it right= Dependence


Empty Wine bottles are constantly trashed and green clothes always embrace our body. Even the scent of icing sugar sings softly to us on this special day.This and that happens all in the name of Independence celebration.Of course,it is natural and sensational to relish what needs to be relished.Have you ever thought of this? Am I being fictional or realistic in the fictional sense?

Getting away with the scary questions…

Well…If there is a concept that should have been the brand ambassador of cliche company, it is independence. Ignore the fact that your country deserves to celebrate Independence or not,let’s start from you.Could you tell me about several decisions you made on your own or even things that took root out of the abundance of your ideas? I guess 50% maybe 40% will come out with a spicy ‘no’ and if I had to proceed with few other questions,it will be a resounding ‘no-no’.Here, we are not talking about the independence that stems from living outside your parents’ harem. It is not the one that happens when you get married.All these are cliches in the broad sense of the word. You can be a married man or woman and still be lacking in the realm of Independence.You can be earning a fat salary and living in a robust house while your sense of Independence is a dustbin package. Independence is not a general thing,it is a personal cliche that can only be converted to a fact by your psyche.

My Resolve….

The true concept of Independence should stem from your personal sense.When the concept passes the test of your mind,then it becomes general and liberal.It begins to be flavoured by whatever celebration that comes from the society.Then it stands the test of time.It refuses to dwell on the grandeur of the past but head towards the glory lying ahead.As far as societies are concerned, I don’t think that the essence that comes with Independence has in fact been achieved,we are only relishing the flavour that comes with dependence.Until we start to do it right,we would only remain fictional all through our lives.Remember that our purpose on earth is to be realistic.Not just realistic, to be realistic with whatever unique abilities that God has instilled in us.

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