Reading Eagle


I read oceans even when it keeps
eyeing me like an owl
I read Lakes even when it keeps an
evil eye on my atomic legs
I read winds even at the verge of
strangulating my curiosity
I read Hibiscuses even when its nectars keeps peering at me like
a bat

I read footprints even when it stirs realism
There are traces of it like shadows
There are pints of it like rainbow
There are shades of it like the moon
Yet it glows my heart ardently like
Blue gold
My soul refuses to pen down bloody allegations against
Yet it rapes my heart by and by
Like loosened nuts and bolts

Books and nature are the greatest
enemy of individuals with skirts
and trousers
Nature bedevils reality
Books bedevils time
It fades and fades and fades away
Like burnt leaves
Kisses one goodbye like forlorn
Lovers day after day,breath by breath,cloth by cloth,sickle by
and folds at the middle dastardly
to erase pretty memories
Yet na and bo never lashes out
tends it like a baby that is in
need of breastmilk
I read a lot to engage in a bloody
Combat between figment and realism like a squall
We fling vases at ourselves like
Tom tom Eugene and Beatrice in
Adichie’s Oeuvre
I got realism as closed fibre


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