Bigger World


I have gone to waves to waver
I have gone to the moon till noon
I have passed through stairs to pair
I have Journeyed through the clouds to flout
Yet the clouds was never at my
Becks and calls
The stubborn thing kept struggling to keep humans at bay

I rode along to Russia to behold
the flaming wind in my dreams
Time and days elapses
but the world becomes elasticated
by and by like waves of canaries and candyfloss
Curiosity strangled my veins in the
dead of the night like a beautiful fugitive
Poor fugitive glows my heart like
Korean gold
and lured me to behold a far-fetched desert
I was gasping for breath like an
Enclosed morsel of pounded yam
and Egusi soup
No food
Water was not visible
The dinner i had had last night rested beneath my abdomen like
the poor dove that rested on Jesus during His baptism
Instincts dug a hole from afar
and inscribe a note on the opened
You want to have the world washed your feet like Jesus did
to his disciples
You want to see the deep end of the world
Have you tried to reach the nadir?
You are close to death
The note screwed up my hands like a serenade
The world had reached the point
Of elasticity than the world i had imagined
I screamed out in a violent sleep
and scribbled “Bigger World,a myth yet to be discovered” around
the fore walls of my breath taking

Thanks for your time.
Your Sparkle
BBM pin:5C14E8B2


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