Game of words


I lay me down tonight
Searching for words to tame
I became a game to it
Despite the fact i was a Dame
I become famous in the ocean of words
words blows its pride at full tilt
I refuse to be intimidated by its strings
For i am obsessed to imprint a mint
A mint that lingers in the tongue like coco balls
Hear this,bomber words!
Tell your shells and gaggle
Tell them
The ones that poses their wings
Like a dead pigeon saying farewell
to its owner
Tell them
Tell them that the galley is full to the brim
Tell them that i have misplaced the rings and trinkets they offered
me as a bride
Tell them their shells have been cracked by coconut trees
The beauty queen has no need of it
For i have plucked  a set of golden balls from a vine
A vine that dines with my regalia
Encloses a silvery balloons around
My neck
The vine whispered inspiration
I do not understand it
Yet i wet my ink all day with it

Holla  me on bbm(5C14E8B2

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