Be happy


Hi guys! Life is a bowl of cherries but I tell you,one can’t discover that bowl without being happy.I don’t wanna know if your world seems like a jerrycan of alligator pepper and dust…..I am sure it is not going to last….Nay,Tough times do not last….I know what is going on in your life right now does not worth it…You felt giving up your life is the panacea….You wanna take some drastic steps that would only embrace today but not tomorrow.
I know that you are so pained that none of my words can pass through your reins and veins …Let this be at the back of your mind,everyone has situations that burns them slightly beneath and from behind but they try to keep them at bay by several injections from enthusiasm…Why?They believed that making themselves miserable and weird always because they have problems would only dive them from the right set of people..Of course,i am not asking you to form “Posh” or any pretence style in vogue but smile even when nothing smiles on you…Nobody will want to pally with a smelly boy or girl because they felt Hope is lost,Nay….No one will understand that fact about you….I am sorry my words strikes your heart like daggers drawn from Shakespearean OTHELLO but that is just the home truth..
I guess you can make out with chatting up with friends,of course,i know you might not have an internet oriented phone or any phone at all but You can talk with this people in person….I understand that nobody will want to keep company with poor guys and girls,”Posh pals are their catch” but you can always chat up with God….Sentries says”Good friends are like stars,u can’t see them but you know they are always there”….that’s what God is………Dress well even if you are left with  just a pieces of cloth…Smell well….smile always…Hum songs you don’t know….sleep well…..Be approachable…..Honeycombs! You can’t be happy unless you make yourself do….Happiness heals ancient wounds and sets captive free

Let ectasy be your #attitude #altitude cum #aptitude…..inhale the vibes



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