Dark Shades(Chapter 1)

When Granny said ‘We must stop thinking of the Individual and start thinking about what is best for the society.We should not turn the hands of a grandfather clock and have it broken rashly and hastily because our hands bleed neither should we torn our very clothes and be naked because we are tortured by heat….when our decision is a mere reaction from our wounded heart…it becomes indecision’.She highlighted one of the biggest issues facing decision making in the contemporary World.

 Circumstances had cheated me at the prime of my life …heartrending and grotesque situations…but sank with the Oceans of desperation,I cheated those circumstances too.I was almost perfect in every corners that befits a lady with a well-drawn and well-defined features.I had this kind of male voice that spoke of authority and power,the world was at my feet.The dream of being the light and shield of my community made the people doffed their hat for me as if I were an Emperor.Suddenly,I began to dwell in the dark cavern of insensitivity,indecision and brutality,the love i had for my people began to melt till it vanished completely.The poor Omorinsola who used to be in the seventh heavens withered out of the blue and bred worms.I became a monster of decisions that are always executed with no slight glimmer of compassion and tenderness…’I have to make ends meet even if i had to sacrifice the blood of those souls i am responsible for…Man must survive..To be comfortable,blood needs to be shed…It is a strong tradition that cannot be altered‘.I piped down.

Charles,the charming politician from Lagos knew that I was the Youth leader of Ayedorikodo village since he was told by one of his henchmen who was a member of my community.He knew almost everything about me that he had to send his greetings to me through a letter I had picked in a Local post office…’My name is Charles. Rinsola,I like you.Ever since I had seen the way you settled  the rift between that orange seller and the nursing mother at the village square…I had had many thoughts of reinforcing that strength in you…you are born a leader and I will make you one….I know you don’t know who I am but you would know me better when I  visit you this evening… Till then,think about me.

I was completely disconcerted and felt like running away from home before the cool wind fanned my cheeks,Granny knew everyone that visits me and would raise an eyebrow at any bloody stranger especially a man.She would always hammer it to my hearing that a devil you know is better than a total stranger.’How would I escape the wrath of that poor woman?Well,I don’t even know that hell of a Charles boy…I can always insult him as much as i can….ermmm…when Granny comes out,i would just hide under the guise of his innocence’.I thought

I was in a cloud nine and saw it as a great honour to be visited by a political pundit without those scary men that follows him around.I was carried away by the panting and rantings of the villagers at the sight of the dude in the frontage of our mudded house that I ate that repulsive words I had buried in the corners of my mind.The dilation of my emotionally red eyeballs limbered up for the words to come as he handled fat wad of cash to everyone that yelled ‘Dansaki o !’…….that unusual mode of greeting that is always spitted out when we come across any of the few noblemen in our village .

.‘This man is something else..could it be Charles?’ .I thought.His body was well muscled.He was lanky and well built with broad shoulders.His eyes is really haunty but his words were always alive with an hint of humour,you could  tell a mile off that he is handsome.In a twinkle of an eye,I became a caricature of myself.For the first time,I started to develop the passion to love a man which was far down the street of my dreams at that point in time.I would want to shake it off but I just could not fight it ‘oh my…Omorinsola,you are really weird and foolish…How would you develop such petty emotions  for such a gnome that knows your house and thoughts without asking you..You really need to take a nap’…..I had thought

His tell tale looks made the lost words I could not voice out resuscitated…To be continued….


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2 thoughts on “Dark Shades(Chapter 1)

  1. Wow, there are some ways you put words to things that really allow the reader to see and feel what’s going on!
    When you wrote, “. . . I ate that repulsive words I had buried in the corners of my mind.The dilation of my emotionally red eyeballs limbered up for the words to come . . .,” that is strong imagery. You’ve got me hooked.

    Liked by 1 person

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