Dark Shades(Chapter 2)

I was completely swept away by the complaisant smiles of the crowd at the young man.Sadly, the best way I can smile widely at people is by locking chest,shoulders and hands with them.It wasn’t my fault,I really could not get over the cool wind of America that fanned my cheeks . I drew myself closely to the dude and gave him a brief hug without any sense of direction.I felt happiness flood over me since I was able to express my big smile.I had no idea that my biggest smile would file a document of faeces .I could not fathom the reason behind the silence that descended on the souls of the crowd in pitiable layers.Bit by bit,they withdrew themselves from the frontage of our house.
Oniranu osi..Olosho..American prostitute…’. A middle-aged banged looking pointedly at me and hissed.

The man whom I had expected would throw in a good word for me had no compassion for my poor nerves.It was then my brain went on an hunt for fresh vegetables.Was my brain poisoned with goat weed that I was unable to  atleast know what I had done wrong? I folded my hands tightly  as though I was about to be set ablaze with fire and brimstone .It was the first time I had thrive on the negativity of annoying circumstances.A peachy figure on a “Shuku” Coiffure embellished with traditional beads strode towards my direction dressed in a blue traditional blouse and wrappers sagging above her legs.The figure was dark-complected with a complete figure ‘8’ frame,tall and of average height,dark-fringed eyes and hair so deep and lustrous.She was surrounded by pretty maidens with two of them at each side.Her comportment blew an air of decided fashion and authority.

Rinsola or whatsoever you call yourself,o ma baje o! How would a filthy pig of your kind hug my husband?… I am Adesewa,Omo Oba Adegoroye, trust me… I won’t let your promiscuous action slide‘.The peachy figure said acidly.

‘I am really sorry,Sewa.I don’t know he was the prince.I thought it was Charles.I had no opportunity to see him on one on one basis when he saw me at the village square ‘.I said pleadingly.

I felt a shudder of revulsion as she gripped me by the throat.

Kini n so ti o ta! You could have done more if he weren’t the prince…then  I would have slaughtered you like a ram if you hadn’t realised that…Who made you the youth leader of this community? Do you think you can govern the youths this way? You don’t know your place,Kogbede!”. She bleated,her pussy-like eyeballs haunted me really hard as if she was going to swallow me at once.

Woman!It’s ok“.He snapped looking at the angry princess and dragged her away from my sight.

Charles! Charles!! Charles!!!”.I exclaimed.I never believed that I could ever be in the category of people which Douglas Everelt portrayed as people that live in the dream world . What of the man in the picture? Could he have dwelt in the dream world earlier than me? 

Luckily,Charles seems like a person that faces reality.I knew it.We were from a different world from the word go.

Rinsola,are you out of your mind? You have been lying on this bed for the past 5 hours,i thought you were dead after wasting a bowl of water on you…Tell me,who is Charles? He is waiting for you over there“.Granny said pointing at the Verandah.