Ode to my parents


Every man lives for himself
He dares to face life all alone
like a daredevil
He dapples with lilies and thorns by hinterland
to spread the message of hope
I can make cookies all by myself
without mum peeping at my stuffy
I can drive any sorts of car without pop patting my arms at
the front seat tenderly like a day
old chick
I can crack jokes perfectly even more than the most recognized
Clown in the world
Even my milky friends knows how
terrible i could be when I dance to
the tunes of Ink,books and galleries
I can paint the chocolatey city with
the lid of my pen like a baby swing
I can do this,I can do that
despite my age and marital status
Pop injects the nuggets of life
to my flipping ears all day like a
boric acid
Words that arrests my timid heart
like a sentry
My nostrils blocked for days like a
tarred breakfast of bread and butter
Momma dipped her bulging mouth into it
to whisper the twists and turns of life
As an infant,i learnt the act
I pointed my pink fingers with
a beaming smile exposing the
Silvery space in my milk teeth to
hustle for candies from peers
She spanked me with her sensitive
eyes like an hungry monkey
I thought she took advantage of
my greenness
As an infant,i learnt the act!
The agony of motherhood when
Papaya fruits starts developing from Day one
cannot be measured with an ounce
Is it the travails of the patriarch that
can be quantified with a bottle of
milk to revitalize them?
Where their choicest shirts and jean are put on hold to lure us
with “ABC milk”
Out of my caring heart comes a cargo of prayers waiting for amens to the doting couple of
You shall live to enjoy the fruit
of your toil
My songs hails from mount everest
my feet share the pulse of hearts
that cares


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