Ounce Of Faith


The Waters roll in waves

with strength and passion 

Even the wind blows in an

Unimaginable way

Fighting off the air with the

Pounds of its strength 

When the light never ceases

to build its nest 

On people’s hearts 

The dark waxes stronger and

Stronger like Goliath

 never ceases to take a step

never hesitates to take a stroll

Even its footsteps presses a

no-way button

Good things strikes a step 

Bad things take a step

Even when there is in fact

no staircase to tread

Because they cling onto their 

hearts and heads

They were able to close their eyes

and rub on their steps

Your heart is your staircase 

Your heart is an elevator 

where you can infact

Lay your feet

Just an ounce of faith

Just an Ounce of faith

An Oceans of faith

Will drive you 

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I am on fire
Because I am wired
to appreciate The one
that makes me hones
my breath
that holy fire burns harder
as if it were the subject of this season
So sticky for plain reasons
Plain enough for sucklings
Milder for the creatures of the sky
For when I ranted and ranted and ranted ‘casting down’
I was raped with the words
that seems dauntless
Rising up was I
Yet it was not matchless
Until the One that owns
the fire beckons me
Then i Was fed with the
Seeds of initiative
What i am started to become
My very initiative

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Oh my goodness!I am being played upon by beams that comes from nowhere….The rain is gonna fall heavily tomorrow..Guess why? Yo-yo!This is my first time of writing an article here…..My nerves are already challenging me…Do you care to know those portruding questions that stirs my fervour like flames? I hope Marie does not incorporates all those poetic blabla because ……..ahnn…Never mind,jerk!..Later!…straight to business….Ok? Next time…..Oh baby Don’t cry now….you are disgracing me with your pointed teeth…I will get you chocolate..Alright?

What makes you beautiful? I am not talking about fashion,creams,contours,makeup and the likes…ok? You are hot,sexy,handsome,pretty,gorgeous,beautiful,elegant,gallant…..oh yuck…They are all physical descriptions….I really wanna know what makes you beautiful on the inside….What if suddenly people could only discover your inner beauty?what words would they use to describe you?For me:I think I adore the few friends i have a lot and i do not overstep my boundaries…This isnt to say,i don’t have ugly parts…we all do…..of course,that is exactly where i am going…Well,Let’s do it this way.I saw a fresh and glowing flowers around a flamboyant park on my way home under a scorching sun….they were so bright that even the sun envies it.

I was jiggered at the sight of this hibiscuses just like the burning bush caught Moses’ attention because as a pre-teen,i knew flowers cannot be showy under the affliction of the brutal sun…it seems like greek to me.”Mum must see this flowers,she likes hibiscuses”..I muttered this words like a praying moth.I moved towards the direction of it and plucked…Alas!The petals bred worms from the inside..I was so frustrated that I never knew when I sat down on a dusty ground .My feet remained glued to the spot for barely 15 minutes….My greedy hands irritated me!argh…I left my stomach empty like broken mortal and pestle for decades because of trash….”I am gonna roast you even if you are dead..you wasted my time…idiotic hibiscus!”..I uttered those words and left angrily leaving out my school socks on the abandoned rottened flowers.

This is exactly how people would feel when they discover that your inside contradicts your outside “That pretty Angel stole my purse”,that handsome guy is a cheat and beats ladies a whole lot!…oh!it is bad….Let us try to work more on our inside…Nay! I am not telling us not to tidy up….Take your bath regularly with good soap…use good creams and faint perfume and deodorant,make nice hair coiffure…Wear clothes and shoes that suits you….Be smart and classy but above all,Don’t be an extremist
….Try to strike a balance between your outside and inside….It goes a long way….Together we can!

Game of words


I lay me down tonight
Searching for words to tame
I became a game to it
Despite the fact i was a Dame
I become famous in the ocean of words
words blows its pride at full tilt
I refuse to be intimidated by its strings
For i am obsessed to imprint a mint
A mint that lingers in the tongue like coco balls
Hear this,bomber words!
Tell your shells and gaggle
Tell them
The ones that poses their wings
Like a dead pigeon saying farewell
to its owner
Tell them
Tell them that the galley is full to the brim
Tell them that i have misplaced the rings and trinkets they offered
me as a bride
Tell them their shells have been cracked by coconut trees
The beauty queen has no need of it
For i have plucked  a set of golden balls from a vine
A vine that dines with my regalia
Encloses a silvery balloons around
My neck
The vine whispered inspiration
I do not understand it
Yet i wet my ink all day with it

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Bigger World


I have gone to waves to waver
I have gone to the moon till noon
I have passed through stairs to pair
I have Journeyed through the clouds to flout
Yet the clouds was never at my
Becks and calls
The stubborn thing kept struggling to keep humans at bay

I rode along to Russia to behold
the flaming wind in my dreams
Time and days elapses
but the world becomes elasticated
by and by like waves of canaries and candyfloss
Curiosity strangled my veins in the
dead of the night like a beautiful fugitive
Poor fugitive glows my heart like
Korean gold
and lured me to behold a far-fetched desert
I was gasping for breath like an
Enclosed morsel of pounded yam
and Egusi soup
No food
Water was not visible
The dinner i had had last night rested beneath my abdomen like
the poor dove that rested on Jesus during His baptism
Instincts dug a hole from afar
and inscribe a note on the opened
You want to have the world washed your feet like Jesus did
to his disciples
You want to see the deep end of the world
Have you tried to reach the nadir?
You are close to death
The note screwed up my hands like a serenade
The world had reached the point
Of elasticity than the world i had imagined
I screamed out in a violent sleep
and scribbled “Bigger World,a myth yet to be discovered” around
the fore walls of my breath taking

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Reading Eagle


I read oceans even when it keeps
eyeing me like an owl
I read Lakes even when it keeps an
evil eye on my atomic legs
I read winds even at the verge of
strangulating my curiosity
I read Hibiscuses even when its nectars keeps peering at me like
a bat

I read footprints even when it stirs realism
There are traces of it like shadows
There are pints of it like rainbow
There are shades of it like the moon
Yet it glows my heart ardently like
Blue gold
My soul refuses to pen down bloody allegations against
Yet it rapes my heart by and by
Like loosened nuts and bolts

Books and nature are the greatest
enemy of individuals with skirts
and trousers
Nature bedevils reality
Books bedevils time
It fades and fades and fades away
Like burnt leaves
Kisses one goodbye like forlorn
Lovers day after day,breath by breath,cloth by cloth,sickle by
and folds at the middle dastardly
to erase pretty memories
Yet na and bo never lashes out
tends it like a baby that is in
need of breastmilk
I read a lot to engage in a bloody
Combat between figment and realism like a squall
We fling vases at ourselves like
Tom tom Eugene and Beatrice in
Adichie’s Oeuvre
I got realism as closed fibre