The Hour Between Dog And Wolf

In life,everyone battles with dark hours.Of course,no one can tell me that their darkest hour has been sold off or they are too special to witness it.You wrestle with one and I pally with one,the only thing that edges me out from you is that our vision can not become unclear at once .Take it or leave it, no one would be there for you at that point. 

The  hour is going to hit your head very hard.Please do not run into the deep blue sea,you are not going to some crazy exile.I am very sure that there has been a time in your life when you had to challenge yourself to stupor,as though you were the main speaker in a public speaking event, ‘what is my purpose in life?’ ,’is she really my friend?, ‘am I really walking through the right path?’…..They say,Life is a crazy ride.Of course,you have to be really crazy at one time or even umpteen times in your life before you can ride the crest of life.

Trust me,you can only have two lifelines,that is your shadow and your creator.The best lifeline one can ever have is One’s Creator.Why? Shadows has no authority to change anything about one,it is just a powerless replica of one.You kill,it kills too.You bang your head repeatedly against the door,it does that too.It follows you around like a fool without any initiative to carve remedies.Your Creator is the only trusted ally that can be your searchlight in the darkest hour.

Trust you had the time of your life?

Marietta sparkles™


Ounce Of Faith


The Waters roll in waves

with strength and passion 

Even the wind blows in an

Unimaginable way

Fighting off the air with the

Pounds of its strength 

When the light never ceases

to build its nest 

On people’s hearts 

The dark waxes stronger and

Stronger like Goliath

 never ceases to take a step

never hesitates to take a stroll

Even its footsteps presses a

no-way button

Good things strikes a step 

Bad things take a step

Even when there is in fact

no staircase to tread

Because they cling onto their 

hearts and heads

They were able to close their eyes

and rub on their steps

Your heart is your staircase 

Your heart is an elevator 

where you can infact

Lay your feet

Just an ounce of faith

Just an Ounce of faith

An Oceans of faith

Will drive you 

Pictures Credit; Getty Images 

Stars in My Eyes

January and February went their ways like a passing breeze.Stubborn March seems not to have any conversation,style and beauty..the whole story is February,you are so grounded…no show.It is just a peeping month that had no compassion on my poor nerves.In the earliest part of this month,i was really wired up to know why I had to be apprehended by mixed feelings.Struck by a stranger’s air in the social media where I had posted an open address to  March “March,Let’s know what we are doing…You can’t be marching on my feelings anyhow..The Febrile February didn’t dare me so you had better swerve”. The poor Stranger merely advised me in her usual civil approach to blame time instead.I was very much confused.How would I blame time?The time was exactly 9:15pm.What the heck?I can’t control time.Her answer seems like a drop in an ocean to my emotions,i wasn’t even sure if it that has to be called an answer or an item delivery ….It was not what i had hoped for anyway but it roused a beautiful fire in me,that fire gingered me to ponder on why time has to be the culprit in a mind blowing affairs….Shushhhh…

I was of the mind that every impulse of feeling should be guided by reason,a mint that I perceived in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. As days dragged lazily on a haze of solititude,i began to drag like days with adjusted ideas.It was then I realised that I had been caught in between the battles of passion and vision,the kind that entered my lower spine and races me up and down to the point of no return.I remembered vividly that the arrows of feasting on Law textbooks and PDFs struck me from behind in the previous night..Was it the one that made the discrepancy between passion and vision disappeared from my memory out of the blue?So pathetic….I have never seen any individual countered her mind as much as i did.I began to weave in those Average Nigerian thoughts in my heart of hearts like crazy…Such awkward thoughts like I am studying Law built on the mentality that I would become  Femi Falana,M ary gates,sparkle bill of tomorrow and earn fat amount of money…I don’t care if it is my passion…man must survive…don’t you think? Vision would find its way in good time…Wait o,I have to be interested in this heck of Law books if I must make a headway in life…No No,i don’t have to be interested now since it is a necessity…I am sure i would cope since it is something that would earn me a cool cash in the long run…..Bad thoughts…

The early twenties of March seems like a bag full of hope coupled with complaisant smiles that nearly exploded my heart…..It was that moment when you felt like you were sent on a self-exile by your fervour to the vascular community of sensuous conquest and a coincidental tap on your hands brought that realism out of you.The Ultimate accolade is so well fixed for the soul of a golden person,intellectual friend actually who had to open my eyes to that thin lacuna between passion and vision.I didn’t expect it anyway but It just came that way.Passion is that driving and enduring force that would lead one to the rich road of vision.Seriously that social media person that I have never even met in my life really did something spectacular,i was able to come to the realisation that I never had abnormal feelings,it was just time I had to know some things i believed I had known but wasn’t enough…Guess what?That awful period that i felt was a day dream actually made me into a mixture of self-awareness and self-assessment.Mehn…Seeing the stars in my eyes and your forehead,I had to doff my hat for the truth…Sometimes,some unpleasant feelings move men beyond themselves,beyond their shortcomings and all….You don’t have to let your passion withered out of necessity with your vision being broken into pieces…Necessity fades away because it has to…. Remember? 

If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you and BECAUSE of you.”

— T. Alan Armstrong


Au revoir

Be happy


Hi guys! Life is a bowl of cherries but I tell you,one can’t discover that bowl without being happy.I don’t wanna know if your world seems like a jerrycan of alligator pepper and dust…..I am sure it is not going to last….Nay,Tough times do not last….I know what is going on in your life right now does not worth it…You felt giving up your life is the panacea….You wanna take some drastic steps that would only embrace today but not tomorrow.
I know that you are so pained that none of my words can pass through your reins and veins …Let this be at the back of your mind,everyone has situations that burns them slightly beneath and from behind but they try to keep them at bay by several injections from enthusiasm…Why?They believed that making themselves miserable and weird always because they have problems would only dive them from the right set of people..Of course,i am not asking you to form “Posh” or any pretence style in vogue but smile even when nothing smiles on you…Nobody will want to pally with a smelly boy or girl because they felt Hope is lost,Nay….No one will understand that fact about you….I am sorry my words strikes your heart like daggers drawn from Shakespearean OTHELLO but that is just the home truth..
I guess you can make out with chatting up with friends,of course,i know you might not have an internet oriented phone or any phone at all but You can talk with this people in person….I understand that nobody will want to keep company with poor guys and girls,”Posh pals are their catch” but you can always chat up with God….Sentries says”Good friends are like stars,u can’t see them but you know they are always there”….that’s what God is………Dress well even if you are left with  just a pieces of cloth…Smell well….smile always…Hum songs you don’t know….sleep well…..Be approachable…..Honeycombs! You can’t be happy unless you make yourself do….Happiness heals ancient wounds and sets captive free

Let ectasy be your #attitude #altitude cum #aptitude…..inhale the vibes




Oh my goodness!I am being played upon by beams that comes from nowhere….The rain is gonna fall heavily tomorrow..Guess why? Yo-yo!This is my first time of writing an article here…..My nerves are already challenging me…Do you care to know those portruding questions that stirs my fervour like flames? I hope Marie does not incorporates all those poetic blabla because ……..ahnn…Never mind,jerk!..Later!…straight to business….Ok? Next time…..Oh baby Don’t cry now….you are disgracing me with your pointed teeth…I will get you chocolate..Alright?

What makes you beautiful? I am not talking about fashion,creams,contours,makeup and the likes…ok? You are hot,sexy,handsome,pretty,gorgeous,beautiful,elegant,gallant…..oh yuck…They are all physical descriptions….I really wanna know what makes you beautiful on the inside….What if suddenly people could only discover your inner beauty?what words would they use to describe you?For me:I think I adore the few friends i have a lot and i do not overstep my boundaries…This isnt to say,i don’t have ugly parts…we all do…..of course,that is exactly where i am going…Well,Let’s do it this way.I saw a fresh and glowing flowers around a flamboyant park on my way home under a scorching sun….they were so bright that even the sun envies it.

I was jiggered at the sight of this hibiscuses just like the burning bush caught Moses’ attention because as a pre-teen,i knew flowers cannot be showy under the affliction of the brutal sun…it seems like greek to me.”Mum must see this flowers,she likes hibiscuses”..I muttered this words like a praying moth.I moved towards the direction of it and plucked…Alas!The petals bred worms from the inside..I was so frustrated that I never knew when I sat down on a dusty ground .My feet remained glued to the spot for barely 15 minutes….My greedy hands irritated me!argh…I left my stomach empty like broken mortal and pestle for decades because of trash….”I am gonna roast you even if you are wasted my time…idiotic hibiscus!”..I uttered those words and left angrily leaving out my school socks on the abandoned rottened flowers.

This is exactly how people would feel when they discover that your inside contradicts your outside “That pretty Angel stole my purse”,that handsome guy is a cheat and beats ladies a whole lot!…oh!it is bad….Let us try to work more on our inside…Nay! I am not telling us not to tidy up….Take your bath regularly with good soap…use good creams and faint perfume and deodorant,make nice hair coiffure…Wear clothes and shoes that suits you….Be smart and classy but above all,Don’t be an extremist
….Try to strike a balance between your outside and inside….It goes a long way….Together we can!